What We Really Want for Mother’s Day

What We Really Want for Mother’s Day

As moms, we always try to provide the best experience for our kids and husbands, and we often forget about ourselves. “Honey, don’t worry about getting me anything for Mother’s Day.” We’ve all said it. But, do we really mean it?

Well, we kind of do. And you don’t even have to spend a ton of money!

Here are the things I would like from my husband and children for Mother’s Day, and I’m sure I’m not alone!

12 Things Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day

Let me sleep in

Get up with the kids and turn on their favorite cartoon so that I can enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep. Although I’m sure I will be awake anyway, I’ll enjoy hearing the sound of you all trying to be quiet.


While I’m “sleeping in”, go ahead and whip up some pancakes, French toast, eggs, bacon, or even a breakfast casserole. Don’t forget the mimosa! Who does’t love to wake up to the smell of bacon?

A Handmade Card

Don’t waste money on a $10 Hallmark card. You and the kids can get creative and outline hands and feet on a cut out heart. It will mean more to me than the words someone else wrote. 


I don’t need $200 flowers delivered from an expensive flower shop. Go to the grocery store and pick out a $10-20 bouquet that you think I would like best. You look sexy walking in the door with flowers in your hand.

Time alone in the bathroom

I would really enjoy a shower without any children walking right past you sitting on the couch to ask me for a snack.

Verbal Affirmations

Encourage the kids to tell me how much they love me, and you do the same! Remind me that I am a great mom and that you appreciate all that I do for you.

A good night’s sleep

I want to sleep like a baby. Better yet, I want to sleep like you. I don’t what to be the one who wakes up to let the animals out in the middle of the night or the one who consoles a child after a bad dream. I love them all, but on Mother’s Day, please stop pretending that you don’t hear them for just one night.

A massage

Whether it be my feet or my back, don’t make me have to twitch to remind you of what you’re doing. Put in a little effort!

Hold in your farts

“My belly hurts”, “It snuck out”, or “I stepped on a duck” are not acceptable excuses on Mother’s Day. Go to the other room and stay there until the stench has dissipated.

Clean the house

You know whats sexier than you with a bouquet of flowers? You with a vacuum. No wife ever complained to her husband while he was vacuuming the house. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

Change all the diapers

You’ve got this! It’s only one day. And I don’t need to hear how big or smelly the toddlers poop was when you’re done. Yours don’t smell like roses either.

Do the dishes and laundry

It would really increase your chances of getting laid on Mother’s Day if you just took over all of the household duties! I’m just saying!

And just like that, you have a memorable Mother’s Day for less than $30 or less. I mean, I’m not asking for Veuve Cliquot for my mimosa! 

It’s the simple, little things that show appreciation that go along way on Mother’s Day!

I know I’m not alone with these requests. We do it all 364 days a year. We just want one day! And it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money!



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  • Gosh,,,,, these would be the best mothers day gift, I’m daydreaming just reading it. The diaper change all day, sleeping in early and sleeping through the night, brunch omg those will be better than any physical gifts they could buy right now. I cannot remember when last i slept in till like 8 am without any disturbance. Thanks for sharing!! I will be sneaking this into his sight somehow lollll

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