The Ultimate List of Must Haves For Your Baby Registry

The Ultimate List of Must Haves For Your Baby Registry

I have quite a few friends that are pregnant right now and I am so excited for them! Motherhood is the best journey I’ve ever been on and I am so excited to watch my friends experience it for the first time and be on this journey together!

It got me thinking about the must have items for your baby registry and things you really don’t need. So I put together this list of “must haves” and “not so necessary” items for your registry!

I highly recommend Amazon for making your registry! They send you an awesome sample kit after adding 15 things to your registry and anything that isn’t purchased for you from your registry, they offer 15% off the remaining items!


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Here is the ultimate list of “must haves” for your baby registry:

City Select Baby Jogger

I went through a couple of strollers until I saw my friend’s City Select stroller on a play date. We were at a zoo with dirt walkways and small potholes. I was struggling with my Britax, and she was breezing right along.

Plus, I was pregnant with my second child at the time and was in the market for a double stroller.

City Select is the BEST! You can buy it as a single or a double stroller. The best part: the single stroller is the EXACT same thing as the double stroller, so if or when your family expands and you need that second seat, you can buy the seat and attachments separately and BAM! You have your double stroller. You can literally steer it with one finger and it has a ton of storage space on the bottom. (In fact, sometimes my two and a half-year old wants to ride down there instead!)

There are 16 configurations so your kids can face forward together, face each other, or when they are fighting (because that happens!) they can face opposite directions. They also sell a glider board that your child can stand on.

This stroller is worth every penny!

Adapter for Infant Seat

A great thing about the City Select stroller is that you can buy attachments for ANY infant seat you choose.

I had the Britax infant seat and was able to easily install the attachment myself. The infant seat went in and out of the stroller effortlessly, and my oldest was able to ride comfortably in the front.

Graco 4Ever Car Seat

We started with the Britax car seat for easier transfer to the stroller with a sleeping baby, but City Select also makes a bassinet for the stroller where baby can lay flat like a crib.

If you do go that route, the Graco 4Ever is awesome! It is the only car seat you will ever need! It is an infant seat, rear facing, forward facing, and booster. It has two cup holders and lots of padding. It has an infant insert for their head and removable padding for their little bottoms.

We got the  4Ever when the kids had head control and were able to sit in the regular stroller seat.

Dock a Tot

Why does your child need a $185 pillow? Because they SLEEP in it!

And if they sleep, you sleep. It surrounds them, making them feel snug. As they get bigger, they can put their legs up over the bottom or the sides. The bottom can also be unclipped for them to stretch out straight.

My daughter is turning one next week (how is that possible?) and she is currently napping in the Deluxe model. It really was a life saver!

Head over to and check out their cute cover options. Get 10% off using the promo code dockatot10.

Pack N Play

I had a regular and travel size Pack N Play, but preferred the Travel Pack N Play. It’s a little smaller than the standard size and weighs a lot less, making it easier for actually traveling.

I used it as a crib next to the bed, and also moved it to the living room area so she could play elevated and out of reach of my 18 month old and 2 month old boxer puppy. (I’m totally crazy for having all these babies at one time, I know!)

It’s easy to set up and bring to relatives houses for naps or overnight stays.


Rock N Play 

I didn’t have this for my first and seriously don’t know how I survived without it. The AUTO version is a MUST. Otherwise you have to sit and rock the chair yourself, and ain’t no body got time for that! It has multiple speeds, music and sounds, and settings to turn off automatically.


I’ll be honest, cloth diapers just weren’t for me. I totally understand the reasoning behind it – chemicals in the diapers, the impact on the earth, etc. But for me, there was so much to learn as a first time mom and all the inserts and options were overwhelming.

We used Pampers (and still do) and have had great luck. We had issues with leaks and rashes with other brands, although other mommas swear by them. I have two girls, and some say that certain brands work better for boys than girls.

Regardless of what brand you chose, definitely put diapers and wipes on your registry. I recommend putting an assortment of sizes, but avoid the newborn size, unless you’re having twins or you and your husband both were born on the smaller side. My kids were both almost 8 lbs at birth and were in a size 1 diaper within two weeks.

For our baby shower, we did a diaper raffle. We asked people who wanted to participate to bring a box of diapers and they would be entered into a raffle to win a bottle of wine. It was a great way to try different diapers and we had enough diapers for months!

You can also exchange diapers to different stores if you end up not needing so many of a certain size. Just be sure to do your research first. Walmart, Target, and Publix all carry different box sizes and will only exchange the box size they carry. It’s time-consuming, but a $30 box of diapers is worth the effort to me!


This is something that you won’t be using until your baby can hold its head up well, but it’s a good idea to add some things that will be used as the child grows.

My kids both loved this jumperoo. They can bounce around, stand up, and explore the lights and toys on top. This provided hours of entertainment for my little ones and it allowed me to leave the room and possibly go to the bathroom alone and know that they were safe!


Whether you breast or bottle feed, you will need to have bottles. If you breast feed and go back to work or leave the baby with grandparents, a babysitter, or your partner, they will need a way to feed the baby while mommy is gone.

We liked the Advent bottles, but I’ve also heard people swear by Browns bottles.

Also, know that there are different size nipples for the bottles which means a faster or slower flow of milk or formula. Read the boxes to see the age recommendations for the nipples.


A walker is another item that won’t be used for a while, but will be used before their first birthday for sure. The baby can run around the house and explore their little moving legs.

The activity tray on top of this one is removable, so you can give them finger foods or different toys to play with.


Instead of cards at your baby shower, you could encourage people to sign a book for the baby instead. Dr. Seuss books are always a classic.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is super important! Babies love to be held and smell you, but sometimes Momma needs to get things done!

The Ergo and Lili Baby carriers are awesome. They make it so much easier to vacuum the floor (yes, newborns will sleep through anything!), folding laundry, and also grocery shopping. You can’t fit many groceries in your cart if you have a car seat in there!

Sound Machine

Sound machines are great! They provide a white noise to block out sounds and encourage restful, continuous sleep.And there’s nothing like a sleeping baby! This Dohm sound machine is the best!

Nose Frida

This is only one of the many gross things you will do as a mother. But it is an effective way to remove excess mucous from a baby’s airway. They will give you bulb syringe at the hospital to take home, but the Nose Frida is much better at getting the job done.



Sophie The Giraffe

I don’t know what it is about Sophie, but she’s one of the best teething toys ever! She’s a little squeaky toy made with soft rubber. We’ve been through a lot of teething toys, but this was a favorite and is perfect for little hands.

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam is the best camera on the market. You can watch it from your phone when you leave home, so it can double as a security camera as well if you buy multiples and put them around the house. It provides a high-definition picture that will keep you at ease when the baby is sleeping in their crib and makes a noise. You can also keep an eye on your nanny or babysitter and give you peace of mind.

Oh Baby Bags

These are awesome! They are scented mini trash bags for disposing of diapers. We keep some in the car too for when a trash can isn’t readily available. They really trap the odor of those incredibly stinky diapers much better than a diaper pail!

Boppy Pillow

The Boppy pillow is great! It is a pillow that can be used as your baby grows. You start by using it while feeding the baby. It wraps around your body and you rest the baby on top.

You can also position the baby for tummy time. My kids both HATED tummy time, so the Boppy gave them a little more elevated view, yet they were still working on their head control.

When they master that, the Boppy can be put behind your baby while they learn to sit up and avoids those tumbles (which usually happen right when you’re trying to take a picture about how awesome they are sitting up!)

They make a ton of different covers for them to match your taste!

Make sure you pack this to bring to the hospital when it’s time to deliver the baby!

Muslin Blankets

Muslin blankets are so soft and light weight! Aden + Anais blankets come in so many designs and colors and they are the perfect size for swaddling. Both of my kids are sweaty sleepers and we still use them as a light weight blanket.

Mamas and Papas Chair

You may have heard of a Bumbo seat, but this Mamas and Papas chair really steps up the game! It comes with a tray and removable activity center as well.

This has provided hours of entertainment in our house! Remove the activity center and give them other toys or snacks to gnaw on.

It’s also a great item to bring to family or friend’s homes if anyone actually wants to put the baby down!

High Chair

A high chair won’t be used for a while either, but it’s another expensive item that will be used eventually!

You can choose a space saver high chair or a free-standing one. We have gotten a lot of use out of both.

We have this space saver high chair. We bring it to the grandparents house and when we go to our vacation home. It folds up for easy storage when not in use and the tray is adjustable as your baby grows and needs more space. The tray can also be removed completely and used as a booster seat.

We also have this Graco high chair that we use every day. It’s also adjustable and fairly easy to clean up the major messes that happen as babies learn to eat!

Activity Mat

Activity mats are such a great way to stimulate your baby! We had this Kick and Play Piano Gym that was great for laying and playing, tummy time, and eventually sitting up.

As newborns, they will lay there and gaze up at the colorful things that dangle down. Eventually, they will reach out to touch them. The piano at their feet makes noise as they kick it, and when they learn to sit up, the piano is adjustable so they can sit and play. It’s also super easy to fold up to hide the baby clutter or take a long with you!

We had other activity mats, but the toys dangled higher up and they couldn’t reach them. I highly recommend this one! There is a blue option, too!

Bath Tub

When you first bring the baby home, before that crusty umbilical cord falls off, sponge baths are recommended. This baby tub made bath time so much easier! First, you’ll lay that tiny bundle of joy in the little hammock that keeps them from being submerged in the water. Once they are a little bigger you can remove the hammock and let them splash and play while you wash them up.  I liked that we could wash the kids on the kitchen table with this instead of leaning over the tub in the bathroom. 

Miscellaneous Items

My second daughter got her first two teeth at 4 months! Tylenol was a life saver! (Obviously, please discuss with your doctor first.)

You could also add some baby washes and bath towels.

My kids love these bath toys! They are the perfect size for tiny hands!

A+D Ointment helped to keep diaper rashes at bay!

Also, an infant thermometer was great to monitor fevers when they were under the weather.


Here are few things that I did’t find necessary:

Diaper Pail

We had this Dekor diaper pail and I found I had to constantly empty the pail, otherwise odor would occur. The refill bags weren’t cheap, and had to be purchased often.

Instead, I use the Oh Baby bags for stinky diapers and throw them directly into our kitchen trash can. We are constantly taking that out anyway, and getting rid of the diaper pail was one less expense.

Bottle Warmer

It’s very easy to warm a bottle in hot water instead of having another accessory in your kitchen!

Wipe Warmer

We never used a wipe warmer! My kid’s don’t know the difference and have never fussed because the wipe was “too cold”.


I had this Graco Elite swing and bouncer. The bouncer part provided entertainment, but you can buy a simpler version here.

My daughter slept much better in the Rock N Play!


The Mamaroo moves around to simulate movement the baby felt in the womb. Some people swear by them, and others said it was a total waste of money ($260 to be exact!). I skipped it!

A bouncer and Rock N Play worked awesome for my kids.


I hope these registry ideas helped you plan yours! What are some of your must haves and things you could have done with out? Leave a comment below!

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