Everything You Need To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

Everything You Need To Pack In Your Hospital Bag

If you are about to pack your hospital bag, congratulations! You’ve almost made it to the end of pregnancy! While every hiccup, kick, and ultrasound has been fun, I am sure you are ready to see your feet and lady parts again and of course meet your new baby!

I’m sure you’re wondering what you need to bring with you to the hospital! In this post, you’ll find everything you’ll need to pack in your hospital bag for your labor and delivery experience!


Comfy Clothes

Once you have a baby, no one is expecting you to be in a ball gown ready for a gala. Comfortable nursing pajamas and a robe are all you need to wear during your stay in the hospital. You could absolutely wear your nursing pajamas home, or you can pack a comfortable outfit for your trip home. Amazon is a great place to find comfortable nursing pajamas!

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Tooth paste, tooth-brush, deodorant, and hair brush and ties are basic essentials to bring with you. If you can, remember to pack your makeup on the way out the door! I know I felt a little better with a little mascara on!


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That hospital floor has seen a lot of things! No matter how clean the floors look or seem, people are walking in your room tracking in all sorts of germs. Bring a pair of soft slippers in your hospital bag to cushion your feet and keep germs out of your bed!

Pillow and Blanket

I don’t know about you, but I prefer my own pillow and blanket no matter where I am! So pack your favorite pillow and that comfy soft blanket that smells like home. There is enough going on during this whole experience, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible.


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The Boppy is such a great baby item to have and the hospital is the first chance you’ll get to use it! The Boppy allows for easier positioning for feeding, and newborns like to nurse a lot! When I wasn’t using it for nursing, I propped my feet up on it or used it as a pillow!


You’ll want to let your family and friends know about your exciting news, which will drain your cell phone battery. Make sure to pack your cell phone charger and any other chargers for your electronic devices.


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If you haven’t pre-registered, the hospital will need your ID and insurance information. You’ll also want some cash for vending machines or food you have delivered to the hospital. Spoiler alert: most hospital food isn’t great!

Car Seat

You will need your car seat to bring your baby home. The base will need to be installed in your car and your spouse or family member will need to bring up the car seat to load the baby in to bring home. It’s a good idea to have the car seat installed by around the 36 week mark since the baby could come any time! No reason to frantically struggle to install it at the last-minute! For safety and security reasons, the car seat with baby will sit on mom’s lap until you exit the hospital and get into your car.

Going Home Outfit For Baby

The hospital will supply long-sleeved t-shirts for the baby to wear during your stay which are awesome for easy diaper changing, but you may want to bring your own cute outfit in your hospital bag for your little one’s trip home. If you deliver during cold weather, be sure to bring a blanket for the baby!

Gifts for Nurses

This isn’t an essential item to pack, but as a nurse myself, I know even the littlest sentiments for nurses are greatly appreciated. Cookies, candy, and coffee are all items that nurses love! You could also have donuts, sandwiches, or pizza delivered. I labored with both of my babies in the middle of the night, and those nurses were amazing! So, don’t forget the night shift!








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