5 Must Have Essential Oils For Fall

5 Must Have Essential Oils For Fall

Essential oils are a great way to bring the fragrances of the fall season into your home!

In south Florida, we really don’t have the opportunity to experience the changing of seasons. The weather is either “really hot and really humid” or “a little less hot and a little less humid”. I don’t mind 85 degrees in the middle of October, but I do love the beauty of red, yellow, and orange leaves in the fall!!

Down here, we rely on seasonal decor and fragrances to get us feeling festive. I try to avoid all of the hidden ingredients in artificial fragrances and have turned to essential oils instead. They are the most natural fragrances on the market derived from the fruits, seeds, flowers, bark, stems, roots, leaves or other parts of a plant. These oils have been used for centuries for both their healing and aromatic benefits.

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Before you buy an essential oil be sure that it is 100% pure, natural, AND of the highest quality, making it appropriate for use in aromatherapy. This might take a little research on the brand, but I promise it’s worth the effort.

Not all oils are created equal. And more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. Some companies pay their distributors 40% of the price of the oil, making a 40% mark up to you, the consumer.

I love Plant Therapy for their high quality oils. Plant Therapy’s standards of quality are some of the strictest in the industry. They also have organic and Kid Safe lines and synergies (blends of more than one essential oil). I have tried quite a few brands, and the fragrances of Plant Therapy’s oils are by far the best! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

AND they always offer free shipping!

Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Plant Therapy Essential Oils


If you can’t tell already, essential oils are one of my passions! This is the diffuser I have in my home. I love the sleek look of the wood and they have many different styles!

I diffuse oils all day every day! On most evenings, I diffuse Lavender to promote rest and relaxation. So basic! But especially at the end of the year, I love the oils that remind me of each holiday and season!

I put together this list of my favorite oils for the fall season! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Pumpkin Pie

Ingredients: Copaiba, Peru Balsam, Cardamom, Cinnamon Cassia, Clove, Ginger Root CO2, Nutmeg

Blends nicely with: Cinnamon Bark

This oil smells like Grandma’s pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day, maybe even better. Is that even possible? After I smelled this Pumpkin Pie oil, I’m pretty sure it is!

Autumn Breeze

Ingredients: Orange Sweet, Chamomile German CO2, Copaiba, Peru Balsam

Blends nicely with: Cinnamon Bark

Autumn Breeze is the perfect choice for when you want to bring the essence of the fall season indoors. It brings that “cabin in the woods” ambiance to any space.


Spiced Orange

Ingredients: Orange Sweet, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Cassia, Cinnamon Bark

Blends nicely with: Love Vanilla, Cinnamon Bark

Everything about this oil smells like fall. A few drops in your diffuser and your home will smell like the leaves are changing in no time! (I can almost see the palm trees changing!)

Love Vanilla 

Ingredients: Vanilla, Ylang-Ylang

Blends nicely with: Sweet orange, Spiced orange, Cinnamon, Lavender

Vanilla reminds me of the cookies and sweets that we all tend to over indulge on at the end of the year. I love this oil paired with other oils through out the year.

Cinnamon Bark

Ingredients: Cinnamon Bark

Blends nicely with: Fir Needle, Pumpkin Pie, Clove

Cinnamon is one of my absolute favorites! The smell of cinnamon makes me think of the home-made Snicker Doodles that my mom would surprise me with after school! This oil is great in the fall and winter as well!

Go to Plant Therapy right now and order all of these! You won’t regret it! Find other ways to use essential oils besides diffusing to make your house smell wonderful here! 



Plant Therapy Essential Oils






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