Everything You Need For the Best Summer in the Sunshine

Everything You Need For the Best Summer in the Sunshine


Planning a fun summer for the kids can be hard not to mention expensive! Summer camps and vacations may not be realistic, so here are some necessities to for an awesome summer for the pool, the beach, or the backyard! These are all Prime items. If you don’t already have Prime, you don’t know what you’re missing! Who does’t love FREE two day shipping!?

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Nothing says summer like a good ol’ fashioned ice pop or popsicle! Silicone ice pop molds and popsicle molds are great for home made ice pops! Skip the artificial food coloring and plastic wrappers and use these food grade, BPA free pop molds filled with your favorite fruity flavors. These are great for smoothie pops  or just your kid’s favorite fruit juices! On a hot summer day when the kids are running around outside and sweating, electrolyte drinks make great popsicles too!

Pool Floats

Pool floats are great for kids of any age! This fun unicorn float  is awesome for big kids to jump on and float around on. But we can’t leave out the babies! This awesome unicorn baby float has extra air bags for roll over prevention and even comes with three toys! Need a little shade for the baby? This float with canopy will shield your kiddo from the sun and includes rattle, teether, and soft touch toys as well!


Sunscreen is a NECESSITY for the summer and 100% zinc is the only way to go. I love Babo Botanicals sunscreen because it is a non-nanoparticle, sheer zinc, fragrance-free, chemical-free, sweat and water proof sunscreen. (Does it get any better?!) It comes in spray, lotion, face stick, and even a SPF lip tint for mom that smells amazing!

Beach Toys

This beach toy set has everything you need for fun in the sand! 16 pieces of shovels, animal and castle molds, sand sifters, rakes, shovels, and a carrying bag to tote everything around!

Sand Remover

After the kids cover the beach with sand castles and holes, leave the sand at the beach! The kids make enough of a mess in your mom-mobile! This sand-off sand remover will help keep the sand out of your car and where it belongs!


Comfortable slip ons are great for outdoor activities and Crocs are the only way to go! They come in every color and size for your little! They are so easy to put on and easy to wash off!

Water Table

Check out this fun water table! It’s perfect for multiple kids to gather around and cool off in the water! I also love this one because it has a little umbrella to keep the sun at bay!

Bug Spray

The ‘skeeters are BAD this year in south Florida! This Jason Quit Bugging Me spray is Deet, PABA, and Paraben free.  It’s the best natural bug spray that I’ve found that actually works! It lasts for 3 hours and I don’t feel like I have to bathe my kids immediately after using it considering its active ingredients are Soybean Oil and Geranium Oil.

Slip’n Slide

Some of my fondest memories as a kid are on the slip and slide! They’ve come a long way since I was growing up! This double lane slide allows for a race to the water spray at the end of the slide.

Sidewalk Chalk

Let them explore their artistic creativity through sidewalk chalk! The summer rain will wash it away, which means no messy clean up!


Bubbles are another fun way to enjoy the outdoors during the summer time. These bubble guns are LED and light up as they blow bubbles. How cool is that?


Here in Florida, it rains frequently in the summer, but not usually for very long. As long as it’s not lightening, a little rain never hurt anyone! My daughter loves her rain boots and wants to wear them all the time! They are too cute to not let her!

I hope this gives you some ideas for summer fun! In south Florida, there are many rainy summer days as well. Find fun indoor ideas for rainy days here!




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