Diaper Changing Station Essentials

Diaper Changing Station Essentials

Your third trimester is a great time to put together your diaper changing station essentials. You’ll be nesting anyway, so this task won’t be as daunting as it might at first seem. Actually, it’s kind of fun to get everything ready for your baby’s arrival!

You can use any low dresser for your changing station, or you could buy one that matches your nursery furniture. Regardless of which style you choose, all of these things are essential items for it!

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Changing Pad

The changing pad is essential to your changing station. It’s a contoured pad that will help to keep that squirming baby somewhat in place while you change diapers and dress them. The covers are usually sold separately and come in many colors and styles to match your nursery decor. Protective liners help cut down on total washings of the changing pad for those messy newborn blow outs!

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Diaper Caddy Organizer

A diaper caddy organizer is great to store all of the essentials listed below on top of your changing station. It will help keep things organized and in one place, and you can easily move it around the house.

Wipes & Diapers

I mean is a list diaper changing station essentials! We use Pampers Swaddlers diapers and Pampers Sensitive Wipes. We have had issues with other diapers causing rashes, but I know some moms swear by the brands that didn’t work for us!


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Diaper Rash Cream

We use A&D Diaper Rash Cream and A&D Diaper Ointment. We put them on when things start to look a little irritated, and they have kept diaper rashes at bay!



Babies skin can be very dry right after birth. Find a lotion that you like to help hydrate their skin.

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Nose Frida

This will be one of the many gross things you do as a mother on the long list of being peed, pooped, and spit up on. But the Nose Frida is an effective way to clear the nasal passages when your baby is stuffed up.


Diaper pail or diaper bags

We had the Dekor Diaper Pail with our oldest and decided that it just didn’t trap the oder the way we thought it would. We switched over to Oh Baby! diaper bags and toss each diaper right into our kitchen garbage. We have no issues with odor what so ever!



Keep a hair brush on the changing station for easy access after bath time.

Hand Sanitizer

You’ll still need to wash your hands after those crazy blow outs, but for those less messy diaper changes, hand sanitizer will clean your hands before picking up your baby.

Distraction Toys

Honestly, the hair brush is a great distraction toy in itself, along with tubes of diaper rash creams. You could keep an extra toy or two that stays on the diaper changing station so it’s “special” and keep wandering hands from “helping” with those messy diapers!















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