25 Benefits of Amazon Prime That You’re Missing Out On…

25 Benefits of Amazon Prime That You’re Missing Out On…

Amazon Prime day is coming up at 9 PM on July 10th for Prime members! If you don’t already have Amazon Prime, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! It’s not too late! Sign up here for a free 30 day trial. There are so many bonuses to having Prime, and some aren’t as widely known as others. Check out this list and make sure you aren’t missing out!

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1.  One free month

If you decide you don’t like it (you won’t), you can cancel before the 30 day trial and not be charged. Prime is totally risk free! Check out the benefits below and sign up for the 30-day free trial here. You have absolutely nothing to lose!


2.  Free two-day shipping

Never have to leave the house again shlepping the kids to get large items like boxes of diapers or big bags of dog food. Shop on the couch, in your pajamas, possibly enjoying a glass of wine, and let the package arrive at your door in two days.

3.  Prime Video

Watch Prime movies and TV shows for free with Amazon Video! There are THOUSANDS of movies and TV shows, some exclusively to Amazon. You can also download select content and watch them without internet connection and delete when you’re finished so you aren’t taking up storage space.


4.  Prime Now

Need something faster than two days? One day shipping is an option for thousands of items. You may able to choose one-two hour delivery on certain items from Amazon and local stores for select locations.

5.  Dash buttons 

Dash buttons cost $5 upfront BUT you get $5 back on your first purchase made with the dash button. Each button is specific to the item. Keep the Dash Button next to the item. Push the button when you are a couple of days away from needing more laundry detergent, toilet paper, or diapers, and it will arrive at your door in two days! No more forgetting to reorder until everyone is using Kleenex in leu of toilet paper! (Does that just happen in my house?) Amazon also uses Dash buttons for quick reordering on your Amazon homepage so you don’t have to search for your items again – they are all right there on your list!

6.  Amazon Music

Stream music for free with no ads! Chose from albums, artists, or individual songs to make multiple playlists to suit your mood or activity. You can also pause, skip forward, and skip back to a song which is not offered on most other streaming methods – and you have to pay for those! If all of that wasn’t good enough, your playlists are synched on all of your listening devices so you can listen from your desktop or on your phone while you’re on the go.


7.  Amazon family

20% off diaper subscriptions with Amazon Family. Set up your registry on Amazon and get 15% off items on your list that weren’t bought for you after your due date. You are also able to fill out your child’s profile to find the best age appropriate deals that you might be interested in.

8.  Subscribe and Save 

Find 3 items to Subscribe and Save, and save an additional 5% on all items. 5 or more items, save 15%. Set the frequency to what works for you. If you decide you don’t need it at the selected time, you can change it. You can also cancel with no penalty to you.


9.  Prime Photos

Unlimited storage of photos for you and up to five people. Plus, the upgraded search option helps you find your photos fast! You can also add family members to the Family Vault and share photos with grandparents or other family members who may not live close by.


10.  Prime Pantry 

It’s not worth it for Amazon to ship a $3 box of cereal, so they give you the option to fill a box of household items for one flat fee of $5.99 using Prime Pantry. BUT you can get the box shipped free if you chose 5 qualifying items. There are over 1000 items that qualify for free shipping. There are also Amazon coupons! Make sure you click the coupon before adding it to your cart.


11.  Release Date Delivery

With Release-Date Delivery you can pre-order the movie your kids can’t wait to get their hands on and it will be delivered the day of the release. So no rushing to the store hoping they haven’t already sold out – and probably pay more for it!

12.  Prime Credit Card

Earn 5% back on all Amazon purchases and 2% for restaurant, gas, and drugstore purchases and 1% on all other purchases using the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa.

13.  Prime Reading

Over 1,000 options to read on any device with Prime Reading. I love the feel of a paper book in my hand, but those take up room on the shelf or in your bag while traveling, not to mention the fact that they cost money. You can read books on your phone, computer, or tablet that you are most likely bringing anyway. Pull out your phone while you are waiting longer than expected in the doctor’s office and pass the time reading.


14.  Lightening Deals

Amazon has Lightening Deals when products and items are even cheaper than usual, but the deal is only for a limited time. These can range from diapers to bikes and everything in-between. As a Prime member, you get VIP access 30 minutes earlier than everyone else, which is great since Lightening Deals sell out fast!


15.  Amazing customer service

The few times I have needed assistance with an order, the customer service has been amazing! If your item does not show up in two days, call them. They will likely credit you or refund your purchase. AND you don’t have to wait on hold. Go to Amazon.com and click “contact us”. THEY will call YOU immediately!


16.  Amazon Sample Boxes 

You do have to pay an initial fee that ranges from $5 to $20 — BUT Amazon will then credit your account with the amount you paid  for your sample box that can be used toward a future purchase.

17.  No Rush Shipping

If you don’t need your item in two days, you can choose No Rush Shipping which pays you money to be used on music, games, and Prime Pantry. If you have multiple items to be shipped that you don’t need in a hurry, split up the order and chose no rush shipping for each item to maximize the benefits.


18.  College students get free Prime 

6 months of free Prime for members in college when you sign up for Prime Student. What college student doesn’t love free stuff?


19.  Amazon text alerts 

No need to sign in to find out where your items are. Get updates on where your delivery via text between 7am-8pm.


20.  Amazon Firestick 

For less than $40, you can access Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, news, and other apps to watch. Say goodbye to cable! It’s a one time fee for the Firestick itself, but you do have to maintain your accounts with Netflix and Hulu. Still, much cheaper than your current cable bill! You can watch your Amazon movies and shows through the Firestick for free as well. 

21.  Send donations for free 

Fill up your Amazon box with your items for donation (no electronics) and go to GiveBackBox.com to print your free shipping label. Then, drop it off at your nearest USPS or UPS location.


22.  Make easy donations to charity 

Instead of going to Amazon.com, sign in through smile.amazon.com. You get to pick the charity of your choice (there are nearly a million to choose from) and .5% of your purchase goes to that charity. Everything adds up and it takes little to nothing on your part!


23.  Wish Lists 

Save items for later in your “Wish List”. Amazon tracks the price changes and will notify you of a price drop.


24.  Video Games 

Get 20% off new release video games during pre-order and after the first two weeks after the game releases. Twitch Prime is a platform for gamers to have access to a free rotating selection of games and in-game loot. It’s entirely free with Amazon Prime, you just have to connect your account.

25.  Free Returns 

Return unwanted items whether it be a box of diapers that your little one outgrew before you realized or a dress that didn’t fit the way you hoped. It must be a Prime item and not from a 3rd party seller, but Amazon makes returns free and easy.


Do yourself a favor and sign up for Amazon Prime RIGHT NOW! You have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain! Look for the Prime logo next to items to know that they are eligible for the Prime perks!





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