15 Easy Ways To Save Money During and After Pregnancy

15 Easy Ways To Save Money During and After Pregnancy

If you already have kids, you know how expensive they are. If you’re newly pregnant, you’ll find out soon! Between doctor and hospital bills, maternity clothes, toys, baby clothes, diapers, day care and nursery necessities, the cost of children starts early!

Here is an awesome list of ways to help you save money during and after pregnancy!

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15 Easy ways to save money during and after pregnancy

Shop the sales

Just call me Captain Obvious. But really, maternity clothes will only be worn for a few months. There is no need to pay full price! Also, babies outgrow those cute little clothes quickly. There are always sales going on at Carters, Target, and even Amazon. So check out the sales and clearance racks for everything you need.

Buy Second hand

Swings, Rock N Plays, Bumbo seats, and infant bath tubs are among many of the things your baby won’t be using for long. And because they don’t use them for long, they are still in pretty excellent condition when you’re done using them. So buy them second-hand! Look for children’s consignment stores or join a Mom’s buying and selling Facebook group in your area. Then, when your little one out grows things, sell them! This goes for maternity clothes, too! About half of my maternity clothes were second-hand and in brand new condition! The rest I found on sale.

Pay in full

What?! Pay in full!? How does that save me money?!

Because some doctors and hospitals will give you a discount for paying in full. For both of my pregnancies, the anesthesiologist gave me 25% off for paying my bill in full, which saved me hundreds of dollars! The hospital also offered the same discount. Just call the billing department and ask!

If paying in full isn’t an option, inquire about a payment plan. Payment plans don’t save you money, but they will help soften the blow of a hefty bill. You can request a payment plan from doctors and hospitals for your bills. They will not charge you interest for a certain amount of time – usually a year – and you’ll be able to pay a little bit each month until it’s completely paid off.

Start saving early.

If you are planning to get pregnant, start saving when you start trying! If those two pink lines came as a slight surprise, start saving now! Put away as much as you can weekly or monthly and don’t touch it! Pretend it doesn’t exist and pull it out when it’s time to start paying those big bills!

Find all the Freebies

There are so many sites that offer free products! All you have to pay for is shipping!

UdderCovers.com is a great site that offers great deals to moms! Use the code PJBABY for a FREE nursing cover!

Honest Company will send you a free trial of their super cute patterned diapers in the size of your choice.

Sign up for Pampers Rewards! Enter the code on the package of diapers and wipes and earn points towards money saving coupons, toys, and personalized items from Shutterfly! I have gotten two subscriptions to Highlight’s for Children as well as a hand full of Melissa and Doug wooden toys and puzzles!

Register at Target or Amazon and receive a free registry box full of samples and products! You’ll also receive a discount on items that aren’t purchased for you from your registry by your due date.

Before leaving the hospital, ask your nurse for a formula sample pack – even if you don’t plan to use formula. We still use the cooler and freezer packs today!

For the items below, use the promo code Penny1 to receive all of these items for free – just pay for shipping!

  • BabyLeggings.com has adorable baby leggings to keep those chubby legs warm.
  • CarSeatCanopy.com carries so many patterns of car seat canopies to keep the cold weather and germs away from your little one.
  • NursingPillow.com is offering a free nursing pillow which is a total life safer during the early days, but is also so useful as the baby grows.
  • Seveneverydayslings.com has a ton of adorable patterns of baby slings to make carrying your little one a little easier!
  • Custompacifiers.com is a website that allows you to customize a binky that will soothe your baby to sleep!

Use your insurance benefits

Your insurance probably covers the cost of a breast pump 100%. Most insurance companies wait until the 36 week mark before they will send out your free pump. I recommend calling early to see what your benefits are and the brand options for pumps so you have time to research and ask fellow moms their recommendations for the pump that will be best for you.

If a free breast pump isn’t in the cards, you can buy one second-hand. Breast pumps are closed systems, meaning no breast milk ever enters the machine itself. You’ll only need to purchase brand new replacement tubes, flanges, and bottles.

Flex Spend Account

A Flex Spend Account can be used to pay for vitamins, medications, and medical supplies. You decide how much to put in your account and it will be taken from your pay check PRE TAX! That means no tax it taken out on that money that goes to your flex spend account. That’s BIG! Talk to your employer and see if this is an option for you. If you have a prescription from your doctor, your flex spend account will cover all the Tylenol your little one will need during those bouts of teething! It will also cover any copays or other medical bills for your whole family.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Prime is LIFE. You can buy everything from toilet paper to diapers to clothes to makeup and even furniture on Amazon. The possibilities are endless. You don’t have to leave the house with your baby and returns and exchanges are free and easy. Amazon will store those thousands of photos you’re taking of your little one and they have tons of movies for you to watch for free as a Prime member. They even have Amazon exclusive shows, just like Netflix. I know many families who have cut their cable bill with Amazon!  Check out this post for all of the benefits of Amazon Prime that you don’t want to miss out on!


Ebates not only helps you to save money, but you can even make money using it, too! You know that saying “If it seems too good to be true, it is.”? Well this is seriously one of the few times that philosophy is completely false! Check out this post for more information on how Ebates can help save you money!


Download Honey to your internet browser and it will automatically find the best coupon codes to use towards your online purchases! I just saved 20% on a recent purchase that was over $100. It saved me around $20! Maybe you have picked out your nursery furniture already but haven’t purchased it yet. If you are able to buy it online, there might be a coupon code that would drastically reduce the cost! You can also use Honey if you need to purchase anything that wasn’t gifted to you on your registry.

Cartwheel App

The Cartwheel App is Target’s source for digital coupons. Save extra money on baby necessities, maternity wear, and household essentials. Currently you can receive a free $20 Target gift card when you purchase $100 worth of baby wipes, diapers, formula, food, bottles, and baby toiletries.


Grocery shopping is a BIG way that families spend a ton of money every year! Get smarter about your grocery habits! Find what meats are on sale for the week – and stock up if they are BOGO – and base your menu around that. Instead of winging it and running to the store every night, you will save time and money by planing ahead and sticking to sale items. Then, don’t forget to use the Ibotta app to save even more!

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If you haven’t heard of Ibotta, you’re missing out big time!

It’s basically a free coupon app. Every time I go to the grocery store, I open the app and see if any items I bought are on the list of rebates. Almost every time there is a $0.25 coupon for buying any item, but many times items I’ve purchased are on the list.

Some things are generic items such as “any brand of bread” or “any brand of fruit”, and others are brand specific. If you have time, you can create your grocery list by looking at the Ibotta app first, but too often I forget to look before hand and since I’m shopping the sale ad, those are usually better deals, but Ibotta is an added bonus!

It’s a quick process and every little bit adds up. Once you reach $20, they will automatically deposit the money to your bank account. Sign up for free with this link and receive a $10 welcome bonus!


You can find so many deals on Groupon! Car washes, gift cards to coffee shops and restaurants, and even prenatal massages. There are so many deals that are waiting for you to take advantage of! Also, right now you can earn an extra 6% back if you use Ebates to purchase your Groupon deal! Stack the deals!


Loyalty cards are free at places like Walgreens, Winn-Dixie, and CVS. Without those cards, you aren’t maximizing your benefits and getting the sale price as advertised.

I signed up for a Winn-Dixie card on our last vacation to the Florida Keys because it’s not my normal place to shop, but it’s our closest major grocery store to where we stay. I saved over $30 just for signing up for their free loyalty card! That’s free money!

Don’t want another card taking up space in your wallet? I get it! Your email address and phone number are linked to your loyalty card. I just saved 20% on my purchase at Walgreens today by simply entering my phone number at check out. Easy, peasy!

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Coupons can help save you a ton of money! I don’t recommend going out and buying 20 Sunday papers just for the coupons. After all, the Sunday paper is $2 each! That’s not realistic to only save a couple of dollars.

We get one copy of the Sunday paper and generally it’s hit or miss if items I typically use are in the coupon books. Also, look through your mail on Wednesdays as there is usually a Money Saver coupon book in there.

My grocery store also has digital coupons which are free to access. I simply sign into their website and click coupons for items that I use. Then, at check out, I enter my phone number and it automatically applies the coupons to correlating purchases. Super simple!

How do you save money for your family? Leave a comment below!














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