15 Awesome Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

15 Awesome Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

I don’t know about you, but our play room is overflowing with toys! With Christmas coming up, I have been wracking my brain for non-toy gift ideas for my kids. My almost 3 year old’s birthday is 5 days before Christmas as well, and I am dreading her wish list! MORE PlayDoh?! I’m still cleaning up the last mess!

Have you ever been at a complete loss for gift ideas for kids that aren’t the same age as yours? You don’t know what things they are into or what they already have. It makes it difficult to find the perfect gift!

With that in mind, I put together a list of ideas to avoid any more Legos to step on, play doh to clean up, or ANOTHER baby doll and I thought I would share it with you!

Experiences make a great present! Check out my list below for 15 awesome non-toy gift ideas for kids!

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Cash or Gift Cards

Some people feel like money isn’t a good gift! I beg to differ! Kids LOVE money! And it doesn’t take much for them to feel “rich”. They can go to the store and pick out exactly what they want. Or they can save up their money for a big-ticket item they have had their eyes on. I also believe that kids will be more responsible and play what they buy because it was THEIR money. Gift cards make them feel so grown up when they swipe their very own card! Find Visa gift cards here.

Tickets to a theme park

Theme parks aren’t cheap! Rather than forking over the money in the middle of the year to Disney, Lego Land, Sea Wold, Busch Gardens, or the like, include those tickets as part of Christmas! This will make memories rather than clutter!

Movie Tickets

There’s always a new movie coming out! Tickets to an upcoming movie would make their day! Grab some popcorn and candy on your way in as icing on the cake! Find Fandango movie gift cards here.

Zoo Memberships

My kids really enjoy the zoo! Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY! Bonus: if you frequent the zoo, a membership is actually cheaper than what you would spend paying for each trip separately.

Kid’s Gyms

There’s nothing like an indoor gym to wear your kids out! They have so much fun jumping around, climbing, sliding, and playing!

Monthly Box Memberships

Ipsy is a great monthly membership that sends you five different make up items to try and every month it ships in a cute makeup bag. For the kids who love to fish, Mystery Tackle Box will send your angler different lures and fishing related items every month! Both of these memberships allow you to customize your bags to what you like!

Gift Cards to Mini Golf

Do you have the next Phil Mickelson or Rory McIlroy? Get them a gift card to the mini golf or golf course!

Tickets to a show

Disney on Ice, Disney Live, or a children’s production at a local theatre are all fun ways to spend time together!

Tickets to a sporting event

Grab some spring training tickets or really step up the game and buy season tickets to their favorite team! I still remember when my dad took me to a World Series game 15 years ago. We had a blast together!

Concert Tickets

This is a great idea for a preteen or teenager!

Gift Certificate for ice cream

What kid doesn’t like ice cream? We have a shop near us that the kids get to dispense the ice cream themselves and add any topping they want. So fun!

Magazine Subscription

My kids really enjoy their Highlights for Children subscription. We get the one for babies and also the one for toddlers/preschool aged kids. Order your Highlights subscription here.

Bowling Alley Gift Card

My daughter beats me at bowling almost every time. Maybe I should start using the ramp, too! Regardless, we have a blast every time!

Swim Lessons

Instead of toys, we asked for contributions to swim lessons for my daughters recent birthday. Water safety is so important, and so expensive! And unlike a toy she will out grow, this is a gift that will last forever.

A trip to the Aquarium

We had an awesome time on our last trip to the Orlando Seaquarium! We will definitely be back!

If gift certificates aren’t available at certain places, whip one up yourself on the computer! There are so many free printables online!

That wraps up my list! Do you have any ideas to add? Leave a comment below!


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