12 Teething Remedies That Actually Work!

12 Teething Remedies That Actually Work!

Teething!! It’s terrible for all parties involved! My kids always cut not just one tooth but two teeth at a time – every time!

I remember when my oldest daughter got her first teeth. It was her 6 month “birthday”. After an extremely fussy morning, she went down for a nap and slept for way longer than normal. When she finally woke up and I was changing her diaper, she flashed her big gummy smile and I saw the two little pain producers poking through on the bottom!

I was so glad to have found these teething remedies, especially when my youngest daughter got her first two teeth at four months old! She had twelve teeth by her first birthday, so we have gotten a lot of use out of each and every one of these teething remedies!


Symptoms of teething

Let’s start first with the symptoms of teething. These are common signs:

  • Drooling
  • Swollen, bulging gums
  • A tooth visible below the gum
  • Irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trying to bite, chew, and suck on everything
  • Rubbing face
  • Rejecting food
  • Grabbing at ears

If your child is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it is very likely that they are teething.

If your baby has diarrhea, a fever, or a runny nose, don’t dismiss it as a sign of teething, especially if the symptoms last longer than 24 hours.

Even though many parents swear these symptoms seem directly related to their child’s teething, there’s no scientific proof that they’re linked. The experts at the American Academy of Pediatrics say fever and diarrhea are not normal teething symptoms. One of many possible explanations for these symptoms is that because teething babies frequently put things in their mouth to soothe their gums, they get sick from coming into contact with viruses and other germs.

Call your child’s healthcare provider if your child has a rectal temperature of 101 degrees F or higher – 100.4 degrees F or higher for babies younger than 3 months – and symptoms such as lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Rather than spending tons of money on stuff that doesn’t work like I did, check out this list for tried and true teething remedies for your little one!

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Sofie the Giraffe is perfect for tiny hands to hold. You may have heard that Sofie sucks up drool and gets moldy inside. To avoid this, use a hot glue gun to cover the hole. She won’t squeak anymore, but as a mom, that’s a bonus! It’s a good idea to use this technique on rubber duckies and other bath toys that are frequently submerged in water as well.

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Honestly, I thought Baltic teething necklaces were a total hoax. Once we tried it, I wish I had gotten one sooner! Baltic amber works to reduce pain by releasing a substance called succinic acid after its been warmed up by the skin. These are meant to be worn, not chewed on. This Baltic necklace is “baby safe” meaning that each bead it tied and knotted individually so if it did break you won’t have a bunch choking hazards rolling all over the place.

Baby Banana Teether

The Baby Banana Teether is a double purpose teether! The little silicone bristles massage sore teething gums, and they are also brushing existing teeth promoting good oral hygiene and preventing cavities. Win-win!

Balm Baby Teething Rub

This stuff is awesome! Balm Baby Teething Rub is a natural topical pain reliever and it works – I know because I tried it myself!

Happy Baby Organic Teethers

These Happy Baby Teethers are great to have on hand! They are crunchy, but easily and quickly disintegrate in those drooly little mouths.

Teething Necklace

There are tons of fashionable teething necklaces for moms to wear while totting teething babes! Teething necklaces give little ones something to safely gnaw on to relieve their painful gums.

Frozen Teething Pops

We still use these to this day! You can fill them with breast milk, formula, yogurt, juice, or smoothies and freeze them. We found these to be much more useful than the frozen teething rings. Kids don’t want their hands to be cold – who does? – but they want the relief of something cold on their sore gums. This was the perfect solution!

Mesh Food Feeders 

Mesh food feeders are the same idea as the teething pops above. Pop in a piece of ice or frozen fruit and let your baby go to town! These are not the easiest to clean, but they are cheap enough to toss and replace as needed.

Fruit Teethers

Tinables Baby Fruit Teethers are brightly colored silicone teethers that have textures for your baby to explore and are perfect for tiny hands. It even comes with a clip to attach it to your child and keep it off the floor!

Nuby Bug-A-Loop Teether

My kids loved the Nuby Bug-A-Loop teether! Each bead has a different texture to massage their aching gums. We stored it in the freezer so it was nice and cold!

When these weren’t cutting it…

Sometimes, when my kids were really hurting, these teething remedies just weren’t cutting it. When that happened, I resorted to these:


Speak to your pediatrician first, but when my natural remedies just weren’t cutting it, we resorted to Infant’s Tylenol. In about 30-45 minutes, I had a comfortable, pain-free, happy baby again! Give them a popsicle while you’re waiting for it to kick in!

Tylenol Dosing

It’s important to give the correct dose so that you do not accidentally overdose your child, which could cause severe health issues like liver damage or liver failure. Follow the chart below for safe dosing.


Like I said before, teething is terrible for all parties involved! After you finally get your crying child comfortable and sleeping, pour yourself a glass of wine! I’m sure you need it! I think I need every one of these wine glasses!


Don’t be caught without these teething remedies on hand! You never know when your baby will start to cut a new tooth! Click on any of the links or photos in this post to buy yours today!






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