10 Things You Should Be Doing During Your Second Trimester

10 Things You Should Be Doing During Your Second Trimester

Did you survive your first trimester of pregnancy? Congratulations! If yours was anything like mine, it was a doosey! My “morning sickness” was so bad, I was so tired, and I was so cranky. Confession: I yelled at my husband for walking too loudly. The crankiness was that bad! But you made it! Welcome to the second trimester!

The second trimester starts at the 14th week and continues through to the 27th week, or months 4-7. The risk of miscarriage has drastically decreased and you may feel more comfortable telling family, friends, and coworkers about your pregnancy!

For many women in the second trimester, the “morning sickness” – that’s in quotes because it certainly doesn’t only occur in the morning! – subsides and you’ll hopefully feel more energetic. It’s also when you aren’t feeling so big and uncomfortable like you will in your 3rd trimester! Those reasons make for the perfect time to get some of those things checked off on the preparing for baby to-do list!



1. Lotion that belly!

If you aren’t an avid lotion user, now is the time to start. They say stretch marks are genetic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that because your mom didn’t get them, you won’t either. Trust me, your body changes enough after pregnancy! If taking a little bit of time to lotion up might help you to feel more confident about your body post baby, then I’m all for it!

I love Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Oil and Bio-Oil.  Burt’s Bee’s Mama Bee Oil has a light lemony sent. I applied after every shower and sometimes in between showers. They both absorbed quickly and neither left my clothes with any oily stains. I pretty much applied it all over!



2. Take photos of your baby bump

Your baby is growing quickly and your belly will start to pop out soon, if it hasn’t already! Download a pregnancy app to see how big your baby is each month and how it is growing and developing. Take a picture every month and capture those precious moments!

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3. Buy maternity clothes

Target and Amazon are both great, affordable options for maternity clothes. You are only going to wear them for a few months, but it’s important to be comfortable! Amazon is a great place to buy maternity clothes because you don’t even have to leave the house! If you are a Prime member, you will have the clothes delivered to your door in two days and there’s always free returns for Prime members. Not a prime member? Check out this post to see why Prime is LIFE for moms!


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4. Gender Reveal

An ultrasound usually can not detect your baby’s gender until 18-20 weeks. There are blood tests which can detect genetic abnormalities around 12-14 weeks and will also detect the baby’s gender. Regardless of when you discover the gender of your bundle of joy, you can creatively tell your family and friends if you are having a boy or a girl! Some parents cut a cake that’s color is correlated to gender, release balloons with a specific color, or just simply say “Hey! We are having a girl!!”. Whatever way works for you, it is fun to discover the gender of your child. Some moms are patient enough wait and are surprised at birth! I wasn’t one of them!

5. Talk to your work about your maternity leave

It’s important to talk to your boss about your maternity leave. The Family and Medical Leave Act applies to you if you have worked at your present company for at least a year. You are entitled by this federal law to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. Ask someone in your Human Resources department for the details! There will be paper work that needs to be filled out by your doctor, so getting the process started now will get the process started and off your plate!

6. Think about your nursery

Start purging your house and getting rid of the unnecessary clutter. Trust me, there will be plenty more clutter soon! Figure out where your baby will be sleeping and start getting that area together. Donate things around the house that aren’t used often to make room for bouncy seats, activity mats, and toys!

7. Start your registry

Do research for which car seat, stroller, and high chair you want for your baby. Other moms are the best people to ask for opinions because they have already tried out the products!

I wish I had known about the City Select stroller for my first child. It is amazing! It steers so well and has lots of storage underneath. Sometimes my 3-year-old rides down there! The best part about the stroller is that you can buy it as a single or double stroller. If this is your first pregnancy and you don’t need a double stroller just yet, you can purchase the seat and attachments to turn the single to a double stroller. They even have a riding board for bigger kids, too! You can also purchase attachments for any car seat and arrange the seats in over 16 different configurations! This stroller is pricey, but it will be the only stroller you’ll ever need!

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8. Take classes

Call the OB floor of the hospital you anticipate to be delivered at. Be aware that hospitals without NICU capabilities won’t be an option if you deliver prior to the 36 week mark. Regardless, many classes are free or low-cost. You can take classes to prepare you for childbirth, baby care, breastfeeding, and infant CPR. You don’t have to fit them all into the second trimester, but it’s definitely worth researching and scheduling in advance!

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9. Schedule maternity photos

Do some research on maternity photographers and book yours maternity photo session. If funds are tight, a mini session is definitely enough time to get some great professional shots of you and that sweet baby bump. Photographers book up quickly, so it’s a good idea to reserve your favorite photographer in advance. Many have maternity and newborn packages, so ask about those, too!

10. Go on dates

When the baby comes, date nights will be few and far between! So now is the time to take some time out for your partner and enjoy some time alone together!












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